07 March 2011

Missed Opportunities in Writing

Never turn down a good opportunity. Unfortunately, I did turn down a potential opportunity and have regretted it ever since.

Someone emailed inviting me to join their UK epublishing site. I took a brief glance, clocked that there were less than 650 members and ditched the email. Now I wish I had kept it.

One distinguishing feature of this site was that you could sell individual chapters of your book as you wrote it. Not something I was interested at the time, but having investigated 17k.com I can now see the potential for developing this site to charge 10per thousand words for text novels. I could have offered Wattpad readers the opportunity to read the next chapter before I published it.

The site was in the UK and still in Beta format, I think, and the only think I have come across which could possibly work in a 17k.com way.

I have searched and searched for this site (I can’t remember the name), but without success. If you know of this site, have received a similar email, or are on it, I would love to re-contact them and explore the development potential of the site.

The moral of this tale, is that you should never pass up an opportunity, even if you are not currently interested in it.