03 March 2011

The Book Marketing Plan 2011

Someone once said, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ – I agree, any plan is better than no plan, because it gives you a direction. Even if you strike out in the wrong direction, sooner or later results are going to suggest there might be a better direction and you can always alter you plan, nothing has to be set in stone.

So here is the marketing plan for 2011.

Direction - this is two-fold:
Write a damn good stories - finishing ‘Nina Swift: Gaia’s Brood’ and work on story plans for the ‘Jumper,’ series.
Build a fan base who might buy these stories.

Concentrate on building a fan base in Wattpad.com. Wattpad as nearly a million users, most of whom are within my target audience – the majority of Wattpad users are aged between 11 – 20, female (87%), and the majority (38%) speak English. That’s about 400,000 potential readers in my target group – read the metrics report. Wattpad has the added advantage in that it allows you to broadcast a message direct to all your fans at once.

Write Nina Swift: Gaia’s Brood in 500 word cycles and publish each new section on Wattpad.com. Wattpad members spend between 11.6 and 33 minutes on the site, depending on country, and two-thirds are reading on mobile phones. So short and intense chapters would seem to be required.

Publish additional short stories on Wattpad.com to draw in the readers/fans.

Continue to offer Helium3.0 as a loss leader to give readers a taste of my writing style.

Use Wattpad and Facebook to funnel readers/fans towards NickTravers.com and sales via Smashwords.com.

Continue to use Smashwords.com as the publishing/distribution platform of choice and hope they get it together with Amazon soon. Lulu.com continue to disappoint.

Maintain the price of Helium3.1 and Helium 3.2, but offer 50% off vouchers as sales incentives.

Design new covers for Helium3.0, 3.1 & 3.2, which will appeal to the Wattpad target audience.

Aim to earn £7,000 per year from ebook sales within 5 years. This may be completely unrealistic and/or wildly inaccurate, but at least it is a target to aim at and monitor progress against.

Get published? You bet. I’m not someone who identifies with being an Indie Author – I always aim for my work to be published by mainstream publishers. Whilst I am happy to take any income produced by e-publishing, my main aim in building a fan base and producing a back catalogue is to attract a publisher.

Lots of SOBAW – Sit On Bum And Write

That’s it, the marketing plan for 2011. What do you think? Do you have a plan? I would be interested hear your plans.

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Wilson James said...

I think you're absolutely right about needing a plan, Nick. It's a start, and can be changed or adapted, but you have to have something to start from.

I totally agree with the idea of keeping Helium3 free as a 'loss leader' for H3.1 and H3.2. BTW, I've read H3, and I liked it... a lot. It would appear that those authors who write series do well selling the follow-on books in the series.

I also totally agree with using Smashwords as a vehicle to get my works onto other sites, such as B&N, Kobo, and Amazon (soon to come).

I don't use Wattpad myself, but it appears that you've done your research and it's a good place for you to spend your time. If it works, keep doing it.

I also think that we authors need to be in this for the long haul. We can't all be super-successful Indie authors such as Amanda Hocking or Brian Pratt.

And that brings me to my next and most important point: whatever we do, keep at it!

I maintain a blog, and post to it at least 4 times per month, and not just about my books. I've posted about the price of eBooks, and about eReaders and eReader software. And, guess where some amazing blog view numbers are coming from? That's right... the price of eBooks, and eReader software. The main thing is that they're viewing my blog, and that creates follow-on views of my book pages.

So, for me, the plan is:

1. Write (keep writing new books)

2. Keep tweeting

3. Keep posting to my blog

4. Keep commenting on relevant and useful blogs (such as yours, Nick) and online media articles

5. Don't ever give up!

Let's wish ourselves good luck.