18 January 2011

New Year Reality Check

With the new year I’ve decided to review where I am with my writing, so here goes:

Helium3 is never going to make it into print in it’s current form. It gets out of the slush pile, which puts it into the top 10% of manuscripts being submitted, but it never gets any further. Even got into the final thirty of the Chicken House/Times Children’s Writing competition. I know this because Barry Cunningham, from Chicken House, only read the last thirty runners up and he referred to the end story line of Helium3 in explaining why the runners up didn’t make it.

Helium3 has serious story flaws, not many, but enough to matter. The main characters are great, it’s fun to read, and at least 3000 people have liked it enough to download it, but ultimately the flaws can only be fixed by a complete rewrite – from the premise upwards. This would make it into a completely different story and I’ve already moved on to other things so it’ll just have to stay the way it is.

I can still make a bit of money from Helium3 as an ebook, because even with flaws it’s still better than the majority of ebooks out there. More importantly, I can use it to attract people to my website for the better stuff I am/will write now I know what I’m doing.

Smashwords.com is by far the best publishing/distribution platform on which to sell Helium3 as an ebook.

I’m not reaching my target audience. The teen audience I’m aiming at are not the ones downloading Helium3 from Smashwords. I need a marketing plan that drives/attracts my target audience to my website to download from Smashwords.com - more about this in later posts.


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