23 March 2010

Helium 3 Tops Best Seller List!

At the time of writing, Helium3 is the most downloaded Children's Book on Smashwords, the third most downloaded Young Adults Book and overall, is Fifth in the SmashWords Top 100 – the third most downloaded novel.

The current ebook promotional campaign has catapulted Helium3 to the most wanted list - it's a good feeling.

And is doesn't stop there, the graphs on the left show a slow, but increasing download rate - success is breeding success.

Smashwords aren't yet able to provide analysis data, but an analysis of hits to this page, via Google Analytics, shows that the areas of most activity are, not surprisingly, North America and Europe in equal measure.

A new review from a South African reader says, "This book is impossible to put down, very entertaining. I would recommend this book to anyone."