17 June 2010

Should Nina Swift be written in the Fisrt or Third person?

Today, on WriterInTouch.com, I have posted two versions of the same first chapter from Nina Swift and the Sky God (working title). As I said in a previous blog, I am unsure whether to write the book in the first or third person. Both seem to have as many arguments for as against. Basically, I am too close to the work now to make a rational decision. So I thought I would take it to my readers and put it to the vote.

The first person version of chapter one can be viewed here.

The third person version can be viewed here.

Once you have made up your mind as to which you prefer, you can vote by answering the poll on the left of this page.

Please help a poor confused writer. Perhaps I should wish, ‘Good luck,’ to Nina.

1 comment:

Dale Cusack said...

personally I'm not a fan of the first person. I like your blog site Nick, but you haven't updated it for a while. Where are you hiding?