21 April 2010

The Anatomy of Story, by John Truby

This is the book I have been searching for – after only a week, I have read it cover to cover twice and it is already well thumbed.

Every page is jam packed with technical information on story construction that is robustly evidenced - there is no flannel here - John Truby is truly a master of his art.

I realised a while ago, that good writing is less that half the battle, being able to craft a great story with great characters is what really counts. I have never been comfortable with the three act structure and in the Anatomy of Story, John Truby shows how these limitations can be overcome to create original, organic stories that play to the writers strengths.

It is always said that a writer should write what they know – here Truby shows how this can be achieved in terms of the characters, and how the characters’ personalities’ drive the story and story conflicts.

I cannot endorse or recommend this book highly enough. If you only have three books on writing on your shelf (I have six), make sure the Anatomy of Story, by John Truby, is one of them.

The question is, what should the other two books be? Any Suggestions?

14 April 2010

08 April 2010


Inspiration has hit for a new fiction project.

I had a vague idea and while conducting research on the story structure and fantasy world I came across a u-tube clip of the most amazing transport design being tested in model form. This design turns all previous designs on their head. If I can find the video again I will post it later.

Suddenly, my mind latched onto this innovation, expanded it to extremes and the whole fantasy world just fell into place giving me a unique world setting for my story.

All I need now is a transendant story line and my children's fantasy thriller is on its way.
That's the hard work done - all I need to do now is write it.