15 September 2009

Helium3 hits best seller list!

Helium3 is officially a best seller. It currently resides in 74th place on the Smashwords 100 best seller list.

I've blogged about Smashwords before - here's a reminder. Smashwords offer ebooks in all formats (HTML, JavaScript, Kindle, PDF, RTF, Palm Doc, Plain Text), in fact almost all formats used by Ereaders. The great joy of using Smashwords is that you only need to upload the manuscript once and they convert it to all the usable versions. They also automatically convert the manuscript into any new formats they introduce.

Smashwords is also a marketing company, which for me, as an author, is the other main attraction. In other words, they know how to promote, and it doesn't cost me a dime in additional fees for their services. They do take commission, of course, but let's face it, a percentage of something is a lot better than all of nothing.

The current success of Heliym3 is down to a Smashwords marketing campaign in the southern hemisphere, although sales appear to be holding up since the campaign finished in August so it must be gaining a fan base.