05 August 2008

Plot Writing - Nick Travers Writing Tips

The primary function of a fiction writer (and arguably a non-fiction writer too) is to tell a story. For me, coming up with a good story is the hardest task of all – if writer’s block afflicts me at all this is where it hits. So here is an exercise to help develop our story muscles:

Every writing day try to sketch out three plots, nothing large, three simple lines will do it:

A three line plot consists of:

  • A Premise

  • A Complication

  • A Climax

The more you practice plot writing the easier it becomes, and sooner or later you are going to hit on that original plot that turns into your next novel.



Anonymous said...

Can a story just be a progression of smaller events? A sort of, "year in the life of" type novel?

Nick Travers said...

Yes, but to work well the series of smaller events need to be formed into an overall story arc, like the story of the year. This is true of non-fiction work as well as fiction. Somehow, the human mind just naturally relates to a story structure. Nick