10 June 2008

E-readers Create Waves At BookExpo America – Nick Travers On Writing

E-readers will not mean the death of books. They will, however, change the way agents and publishers select books for hard printing and the way books are marketed. Authors may well have to prove they can market and create an audience for their work before a printer takes them on, and agents may have to get more involved with the marketing of their authors

The main difficulty for e-readers will be finding quality amongst all the dross. Those books that are printed should have already proved themselves on some level of quality or popularity before they make it to hard copy so I think the printed word will still be popular. Anyone who can work out a website that sifts the quality and offers reliable ratings tables will hit the jackpot.

What will happen to the editors? Will they still work for publishers, all be freelance or even work for the agents?

I’m currently offering my YA book Helium3 as a free download. Partly, I believe that if readers like it a proportion will purchase a POD hard copy, and partly I want to hone my e-marketing skills, and have a developed website, before I approach agents. Will this improve my chances of landing a publishing contract? I don’t know, but I think it a worthwhile exercise in any event.

I’ve recently listed my novel on SmashWords.com which offers it as a download in every e-format. So far no sales, but if anyone wants to read it (free download) and leave a review I would be most grateful.

Nick. NickTravers.com

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