03 May 2008

A review of Summer the Holiday Fairy – Nick Travers On Writing

Summer the Holiday Fairy – Highly recommended.

Another well crafted entertaining story in the Rainbow Fairy’s series. This time Kirsty and Rachel return to Rainspell Island, the setting for their first adventure with the fairies. Selfish Jack Frost had pinched all the sand for his own holiday home – a giant sand castle for him and his goblins. Rachel and Kirsty have to help Summer the Holiday Fairy return the three magic sea shells to their underwater cave to restore order to the real world so everyone can enjoy their holidays.

The Rainbow Fairies should be a publishing phenomenon on a par with Harry Potter. The content, villains, and story lines are perfect for the age of readership they are aimed at. These stories are perfect to read to girls aged 5 – 8 and for girls 7 – 11 to read themselves. Having three girls we are getting a lot of mileage out of each one. Yes, they follow a ridged formula, but for the age group they are aimed at this is perfect.

The story lines are straight forward and easy to understand. Jack Frost and his goblin helpers are suitably mean, without being evil, and often humorous. Rachel and Kirsty are personable, appealing to young girls, and always manage to trick the goblins in a non aggressive clever way.

As a parent, one of the other things I like about the books is that Kirsty and Rachel manage to have their adventures whilst still playing a full part in family life and not being separated from the adults for very long in each adventure.

Great fun for parents to read to girls, with short chapters (which helps limit the reading time at bedtime), and great for more confident readers to pick up for themselves.


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