01 May 2008

Re-branding the Website – How to promote my book on the Internet

Search engine optimisation is one of the first things I have explored in my bid to promote my book on the Internet. Part 1.

One of the first issues to consider in creating a web presence as a writer is whether you pay for a domain name e.g. YourName.com and build your own website or use one of the free blogging/social sites e.g. YourName.Blogger.com or YourName.Facebook.com.

It depends of course whether YourName or YourPenName is still available as a domain name. If not and you really want your own domain name don’t despair. Try some other options e.g. YourNameOnline.com, .co.uk, .net. me.uk etc or YourNameOnWriting.com, YourNameAuthor/poet etc. A search engine will pick up YourName regardless of what else is in the domain name. There are far more important consideration in getting YourName onto the first page of the search engine, this holds true whether you have your own domain or use a blogger site. You’re a writer, be creative.

Using a blogger site is the cheaper option though you will probably have to use a standard template so it will limit your creativity. If you are just testing the waters I would recommend using a free site, like blogger, so you can experiment before committing any serious money. However, if YourName.com or YourPenName.com happens to be free, snap it up before someone else does, it’s not going to cost the earth and could help you find a main stream publisher.

In my bid to promote my book on the Internet I have just purchased NickTravers.com as it happens to be free. I will use it to solely as a landing page which automatically directs users to my blog, NickTraversOnWriting.Blogger.com, and my other pages. In the mean time, I’m re-organising my web pages to maximise my chances of being picked up by a search engine. More about this in later blogs.

Whilst I would recommend using a free site to test the waters when you set out to promote your book on the Internet, I would not necessarily recommend one of the social sites for this purpose. While social sites are useful tools and an essential part of your arsenal, I believe they serve a distinctly different purpose – again more about this in a later blog.


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