05 May 2008

Promoting the Author v Promoting the Book – How to promote my book on the Internet.

Should my website promote me as a writer or should it promote my book?

The short answer is you should seek to promote both. You are seeking to promote something different in each case. Your readers and your agent or potential agent will want you to promote yourself. Remember, your name or your pen name is a brand. If you use more than one pen name you will need a web presence for each pen name (brand). If you have more than one book I would suggest you need a web presence for each book or series.

If you are an unpublished author then look upon your website as a tool to help you land an agent/publisher. Your website should concentrate on you as a writer and what you have to offer by way of promotional talents. I would recommend that your main web presence should be YourName or YourPenName.

However, you should also tie your main site into one of the free sites named after your book MyBookTitle.FreeSiteName.com. Why a free site? Because a publisher may well want to change the title of your book before publication so don’t waste your money on buying a domain name just yet. This site should concentrate on promoting your book. If you have more than one book/series you will need a separate web presence for each title.

If you are a published author, I would recommend you follow the same strategy, but invest some money in purchasing a domain name for each of you book/series titles as well as one in your own name/pen names(s). If you are worried about what should be in each page I’ll tackle that in other blogs.


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