29 April 2008

Promotion is king – How to promote my book on the internet

Self-publishing my book (POD) is the easy part, now I have work out how I promote my book on the Internet.

This may come as a shock to new writers, but most of the promotion for our books is down to us, the authors. Even if you win multiple book deals and your publisher gives you a large marketing budget it will soon be gone and they will have moved on to the next big thing leaving you to continue to promote your own book.

The perceived wisdom is that you should spend as much time promoting your book as you do writing it. This is certainly not why I write and it could be considered the ugly side of writing, but if you agree that the worst thing for any writer is not being read, you are going to have to learn something about how to promote your work.

It seems to me that if I’m to stand a chance of getting myself know as an author I need to learn something about how to promote my book on the Internet. Why the internet? Well, believe it or not, the majority of books are no longer sold through book shops, but by direct purchase. Therefore it makes sense to me to concentrate on learning to promote my book on the Internet. Besides, it can be available on the internet long after the shops drop you book from their stock list.

My aim is to reach the stage where I spend no more than 30 minutes a day on Internet promotion.

I could pay someone to promote my book on the internet, of course, there are plenty of optimisation companies just waiting to take my money and provide this service, but I’m a Business Analyst by trade, with a background in sales, marketing, and distribution. I should be able to work this out for myself.

Therefore, in future, this blog will become focussed to a large extent on how I promote my book on the Internet. I hope you will be able to join in the journey.


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