11 April 2008

Review of The Book Thief - Nick Travers On Writing

I finished this book a while ago now, but I never blogged about it. What a great read.

What I really liked about this author’s technique is the way he pre-empts action in the choice of words used in his prose before the action happens. So where someone is about to die the few paragraphs before will use descriptive words associated with death. Where someone is happy the descriptive words used reflect this emotion. This is a technique I’m going to try and use occasionally.

The other thing this author does is tell you who dies right at the begining of the book. This makes writing the ending much more of a challenge, but even though you know what happens he still manages to write it in such a way as to make it chocking.

The Book Thief – Highly recommended.

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R.J. Keller said...

My new favorite book. I think it's odd that it was marketed as strictly YA. If it wasn't for a friend's recommendation I never would have heard about it. Publishers are strange creatures.