11 April 2008

Adopting a Pen Name - Nick travers

I have had a break from writing for a few months while I work on other projects. During that time I have made some important decisions concerning my work.

The first, as anyone who follows this blog will have noticed, is that I have changed my name. In fact, I have adopted the pen name of Nick Travers. Why? Because I am job hunting at the moment and I’m wary that a potential employer will not take me seriously if they also see I write. Who is Nick Travers? Just a character I once used.

Secondly, I believe I have taken the first Mervyn Bright book, Helium3, as far as I can without either an agent or editor. It is therefore time to move on and devote serious time to the second book.

Thirdly, inspired by the experience of author Paulo Coelho, who has found that online pirate versions of his books actually increase sales because they spread awareness of his name, I have decided that while I am searching for an agent I will self publish Helium3 and offer it as a free download. This will give me (or at least Nick Travers) valuable experience in online marketing. Helium3 is self-published through Lulu.com in the name of Nick Travers. Printed versions are also available through Lulu.com at cost price.

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