30 December 2007

New Year, new villain

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about antagonists. Russell T Davies, who writes the current Dr Who scripts, says that your hero is only as good as your villain. So, the question has to be asked, how good is my villain or antagonist? Answer: not good enough, yet. This is partly why I have not yet completed the scene brief of The Ark of Knowledge. I need to flesh out and really understand the characters of the antagonists before I can complete the basic story. I’m currently stuck two thirds of the way through the story and cannot see how the plot gets from the middle to the climax. It is the closest I have ever come to writer’s block. I feel sure the answer lies in understanding the antagonists. Also in fleshing out the thematic significance of the story (what, deep down, the story is really all about).

I don’t do New Years’ resolutions. But New Year is a good time to assess the past year and set aims for the year ahead. In terms of the second Mervyn Bright novel, the aim is to complete the scene brief, extended scene brief, and first draft For the first book, assuming I do not win either of the competitions, the aim is to find an agent. As the competition results are not due until the end of March I have plenty of time to concentrate on my plot and villain issues.

Happy New Year. Love the photo.

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