22 November 2007

One Step Beyond

Now that the manuscript for Helium3 has been despatched to the Time/Chicken House novel competition, I can forget about it and move on to other projects. There is, of course, planning on the second Mervyn Bright novel to complete, but I also have a few other projects on the go.

Last week I watched a programme about genetic engineering. During the night I woke up with lots of ideas swirling round my head. I grabbed the notebook that always sits by my bed and pulled together a fishbone diagram taking genetic engineering to its extremes which gave me loads of material for short stories. I once read a book by Harry Harrison entitled One Step From Earth, which has always stayed with me. The book was a series of short stories taking the idea of teleporting to ultimate extremes, from invention, through methods of warfare, and ending up with the demise of mankind. I’m looking to create a similar progression of short stories based around genetic engineering of humans. I just need to give it some serious thought.

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