31 October 2007

Competition Progress

I’m nearly finished editing the first book for the Times/Chickenhouse competition. The new first chapter is almost there and I’ve completed a new final chapter having changed Mervyn’s main motivation in the story. I have also changed the title to a snappy ‘Helium3’.

The main tasks left now are to re-write my synopsis, produce a plot plan, print the whole thing out on the ultra expensive, four-hole pre-punched paper I bought for the purpose, bind it all up, and post it. Then wait – until February.

If I don’t get anywhere in the competition I have decided I will send the new manuscript to every UK agent on my list and see if any bite. If they don’t I will send it to selected USA agents. If none of that works I will abandon the book because book two should be well on its way by then and I’m sure I can now do a better job than I did on book one.

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