24 June 2007

Know Your Enemy

In my search for inspiration to generate more conflict, I came across this article by James Bonnett. I went off to analyse my antagonists. This is the result:
The threat/source of the conflict – The Centaph
The complications and resistance – Lord Dracon, working through Halival Tarak and
Professor Hertzegovny.
Higher self/protector – the Mage, who equips Mervyn for success.

Once I had sorted this out, the larger picture started to make more sense and I could see how this story fits into the setting I created in ‘Marauders’. I decided the Centaph needed a character for us to focus on and for Lord Dracon to interact with. So I created Bal-Zuk-Mangok. I was then able to write the prologue for the story, which is the only place that Lord Dracon and Bal-Zuk-Mangok feature – sitting over everything like Greek gods. Later in the series they will become more personally involved in the stories, as will the Mage, but for now they are just pulling the strings and observing.

I then re-wrote sections of the brief to show how Mervyn is covertly equipped to access the Bourne by the Mage. I also started to increase the conflict with Prof. H., Aurora and Loren, though, I realised Aurora would never willingly work against her uncle with the Centaph threat so close so there are limits to how far she will go in acting against Mervyn.

Still trying to figure out how to seduce Loren into an alience with Prof. H. and turn her against Mervyn. Also trying to work out the true nature of the Bourne itself. This has taken an unexpected turn as I’ve had some great ideas, but they do complicate the story somewhat. Essentially, I’ve realised the Bourne is a puzzle for the Misfits to solve rather than just a monster, though I still plan for it to turn into a monster in the end. For the moment I’m just going to keep ploughing through the scene brief and see what turns up, then I’ll backtrack, analyse, consolidate, and re-write. Back to the scene brief then.

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