16 May 2007

Moving On

The manuscript, synopsis, and query for Mervyn Bright and the Marauders are complete. All that remains now is to send them out to my selected agents, and wait.

In the mean-time I’m getting on with writing the second novel using the same characters in the same universe. This time round, I will apply all those hard lessons, about the craft of writing, which I learned from ‘Marauders’, but which I could not apply because I was already too far into the process. With luck, this should eliminate at least two major re-writes, most of the agonising over storyline, and a whole year of writing.

I’m excited by this new project. There came a point with Marauders where I knew I could do better if I started again from scratch, but it was too late, the best I could do was soldier on to the end.

The new book is provisionally called ‘Mervyn Bright and the Ark of Knowledge’ and is a ‘through the portal’ type story with a few twists. During the story I will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a so called Folksocracy. This is a name I have seen on blogs recently and refers to a group of people who organise themselves, without leaders, solely through the internet. Maybe the purest form of democracy to date?. It would be interesting to extrapolate this idea into a full blown society, put it under stress, and see what happens to it. In many ways it has similarities to reality TV shows in that every decision is reached from scratch without reference to precedents, often based on the feelings of the moment, and in which pre-existent prejudices and individual morals are the only absolutes. It is the sort of medium in which a few opinionated individuals could hold sway over others. It also has interesting connotations with the German idea of Volks which the Nazis tapped into during their rise to power.

Lots of ideas, but rather than struggle to fit the storyline into a synopsis and query after several years of writing, I’m producing these first and using them as a road map for the story. Then, like a script writer, I will produce a reverse scene brief followed by an expanded scene brief (see my writing process for more detail). I reckon this will take six to nine months, then I can start the actual creative writing. So here goes ....

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