16 May 2007

Ageing Mervyn

I’ve just received back the final review of ‘Marauders’ from my reader reviewers. A few cherry picked comments: ‘Couldn’t put it down’, ‘really related to the characters,’ ‘Can’t wait for the next instalment.’ It also contained some useful constructive criticism. Some of this confirmed my own nagging doubt, also raised by another reviewer, that the Misfits should be older. I’ve been toying with this for a while since the writing seems to aim at the 11+ age group.
So the decision: In ‘Marauders’ Mervyn will be 14. It follows, of course, that I cannot run a six series story with the Misfits being one year older in each year if they are to remain in the senior school age range. I’m ok with this, so in ‘Ark of Knowledge’ Mervyn will be 14/15, and will have a birthday. In the final book Mervyn will have left school, which was always going to be the case, because it about what happens to the Misfits after school.

This reviewer also liked the chapter where Aurora and Dracon fight a Swot duel, she though it pulled the Misfits together in a really effective way – it was one of her favpurite chapters. This means the reviewers are split just about 50/50, unprompted, over whether to include this chapter or not. It’s one of my favourites too, but I’m taking it out because it doesn't progress the story line at a point where the story needs to more forwar quite swiftly, and there are other sections which pull the Misfts together. Maybe I'll work it into a later book.
To read the chapter in question see the ‘edits’ page.

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