16 April 2007

Helium 3

Saw an Horizon programme last week on man returning to the moon. They speculated that the reason for this sudden renewed interest was an isotope of Helium called Helium 3. Using this isotope can make nuclear fusion reactors a possibility – clean unlimited power for the entire earth. In fact, mining Helium 3 on the moon could even become financially viable. This set off all sorts of ideas in my mind and as a result I’m re-writing parts of Mervyn Bright and the Marauders. The mines on Starlight and Pershwin no longer supply gold but Helium3. And the underlying reason for the power struggle is over the supply of Helium 3. This device especially beefs up the ending because Mervyn knows that the Space Republic does not yet have sufficient Helium 3 to power it’s planetary defence shield, so it gives him a reason to turn back and attack the Naga’s warship – this act is now a clear character choice rather than an accident of circumstance.

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