04 April 2007

Finished the final draft

Here are some more statistics: At last I have finished the final draft and made the final alterations to Mervyn Bright and the Marauders. When I say final I mean the last time I touch it before an agent/editor requests changes.

Now I start the difficult bit – getting an agent and a publishing contract. Miss Snark reckons that of the 1200 queries she receives each quarter she takes on only one new client. Of course, if I haven’t made it by this time next year I’ll have to think again. In the meant time I’m forging ahead with book two in the series, ‘Mervyn Bright and the Ark of Knowledge’ – you can find a scene brief for this book by clicking on the ‘Synopsis’ link in the navigation panel on the left.

Issac Asimov apparently said, “The first million words are just practice.” By that measure I have only 800,000 to go
Nathan Bransford (US literary agent) reckons that most writers don’t get published until their third or fourth book.
The average professional writer makes only £15,000 per year – so no giving up the day job then.

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