09 January 2007

MySpace.com Test

The bulletin to a Harry Potter interest group on MySpace.com has been up for a week. Hits on my Lulu site have doubled since I posted the bulletin, up by 70. Downloads have increased by a disappointing 2 (2% of hits – both in the first 24 hours). So what is the analysis? Why am I not getting more downloads?

1. The blurb is not connecting sufficiently to encourage downloads.

2. The first chapter (the viewable text) is not connecting to the views.

3. I’m aiming at the wrong audience.

Let’s take the last first. The Harry Potter audience is the one I’m writing for so I’d better learn to connect with them – this is not negotiable, I just need to learn to do better, but that is what this exercise is about.

Connecting with the text: A 2% success rate is not bad compared to a direct marketing campaign, though I would hope for more by targeting an interest group. At this rate, if I assume only 1% of readers will leave a review I’ll need to get 5,000 hit on the Lulu download page to get 10 reviews. I need to significantly improve the download rate if I can. The analytical approach is not to jump in to making changes to the viewable text or the first chapter, but to change the blurb and measure the effect again by posting another bulletin to another HP site. If that fails I’ll then progress to changing the viewable text – being more selective about what I present – maybe constructing the written equivalent of a film trailer. If they still don’t bite I’ll have to consider more drastic changes. Every step though needs to be tested, analysed, and assessed.

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