07 December 2006

Lulu.com Update

So far my Lulu site has had 63 hits, the free download has been taken by 5 people, and I’ve had 1 review. Together with the hard copies I distributed that makes 8 people are reviewing the book at the moment. I’m impatient for feedback, and check everyday for reviews, though I realise a novel can take a while to read – in an 11 point font and proper novel format the book comes out at 310 pages, so it’s not a lightweight read.

I’m currently working to get the manuscript reviewed by the English Literature class at my local school because I desperately need feedback from readers in the target audience. Now it’s finished, I’m also sending my selected 3 chapters and story outline to the agent who originally showed interest in my work – give him a second chance to reject me. I kind of feel honour bound to give him a second bite of the cherry even though he’s not a major player in the children’s market.

It’s a slow burn, but assuming anyone is interested in what I’m doing I’ll keep you updated on progress.

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