07 December 2006


Almost exactly three years to the day since deciding to get the prototype of this story out of my head and take up writing I have finished the last chapter of the third re-write of Mervyn Bright and the Marauders – 87000 words in all. Now I can go public.

My original aim was to see if I had the staying power to complete a novel length story. Then I realised I had done exactly what I set out to do – I’d written a story not a novel, so I started to learn the art of story telling – the first re-draft. Then the characters took over and headed the story off in a completely different direction. Then I discovered I needed to learn the craft of writing, not just putting words together, but editing and developing a style of my own – second re-write (I’ve cut over 100,000 words in total). Then I just had to pull everything together and make sure the story, the characters, and the style were consistent throughout the whole novel – third re-write. Easy really – not.

My aim now is to make sure Mervyn and gang get to come alive in print – get published.

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