08 September 2006

New writing Habits

New Writing Habits
I’ve changed my job in the last few weeks and as a consequence I’ve had to change my writing habits. I now have to undertake a two hour train journey to work two or three times a week, that’s two hours each way. The rest of the time I’m working close to home. Out have gone the twenty minute slots four times a day and in have come two hour slots two or three times a week. Strangely, I preferred my twenty minute slots, they were far more productive – I have more time so I take more time (there’s a sociological rule for this I believe).
As writers, unless the have the luxury of writing professionally, we have to use whatever time we can grab. Mine seems to be on trains and in waiting rooms. I’m writing this now in a waiting room in a train station in Bournemouth. My train arrives in 45 minutes.

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