24 May 2006

Serialising a Book

I’ve been playing with two new pieces of technology this week: a digital pen, and Lulu Self Publishing. Still having a few problems with the pen so I’ll talk about that in my next blog, and talk about serialising a book instead..

Now, I know I said previously I would never self publish, and I have not changed my position on that one, but there are two instances in which I might use it;-
1). To get feedback on my draft novel from my target audience.
2). To help get a publishing deal by proving I have a commercially viable market.

Specifically I’ve been researching how to serialise a book on the internet. I read something the other day where someone had set up a document as serialised chapters which e-mailed a new chapter each day to anyone who registered. The bit that really interested me was that once someone registered they were automatically sent the first chapter in the serialisation. Unfortunately it looks as if I might have to pay to have my work hosted to achieve this sort of serialisation. I continued my search.

Then, I found the one and only serialised book on Lulu.com, "The Fall, A Book of The Walking Man". And I knew how I could serialise without it costing me anything: if I publish each chapter as a series of e-books/booklets and charge £0.00 for the download, I could ask people to review the serialisation by download and leave their feedback in the book review section on Lulu. I might even set up “Free Serialised Book Downloads” or “Free Book Serialisation” as a user group on MySpace.com or something similar. Later, when I have a final version, I could even charge £0.50 for each download in the series – don’t think I will get rich that way, but it could prove there is a commercial market. What do you think?

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