14 April 2006

Knuckling Down

Sometimes, to achieve your desired goal you just have to knuckle down and slog away – this is where I am with the Mervyn Bright book at the moment. After months of deliberation and doubt I have finally decided to radically chop down one of the story-lines and continue with a single story-line. That’s another 20k words gone – since the start of this project I have now chopped more words than I have written. I expect the finished work to come out at about 100k words.

Why sacrifice one of the story line rather than have two books? Because it would put the project years behind schedule and I need to finish this; to prove to myself that I can do it, to write a whole novel. By this I don’t just mean a finished first draft or second draft, but something which I can seriously submit to a publisher as a completed work. Now the writing course is finished I have shut myself off from all distractions. I would love to spend more time writing and commenting on WIT, but it all detracts from my writing time which is preciously short anyway.

I need to slog my way to the end of the second draft – only 20 to 25k words to go. Then the story-line will be firmly set in place. I can then return to the beginning for the third draft which will concentrate on characterisation, grammar and sentence/paragraph construction. I have deliberately left this to last while I learn the craft of writing. I will also be able to circulate the script to reviewers for feedback.

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