03 February 2006

The Novel Comes to a Crunching Halt

After eighteen months of hard slog, the Mervyn Bright has come off the rails. I’ve know for some time that the plot wasn’t working, but two events this week confirmed why.
My homework for the writing course was to sum up the plot of a book in fifty words. I thought I would be clever and summarise my own novel. After a week of trying I gave up: it was impossible to sum up the plot. Why? Because I have two completely different plots of equal weight, one in the first half of the novel and the other in the second half. No wonder I’ve not been able to reconcile these two story strands.
The second even was comprehensive feedback from one of my reviewers which identified much the same problem. Though he also identified a few other issues.
This effectively leaves me with two half written novels and my project plan shot to pieces. There is an upside to this of course: firstly, I can get on and complete the last seven chapters as planned without having to reconcile the first plot, and secondly I how have seven books in the Mervyn Bright series.

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