14 January 2006

Experimental Writing 2

Experimenting 2 – Directing the Director
Having mastered the Extended Brief, I found another article on The Writer’s Store entitled ‘Directing The Director’ and is about using implied screen directions within the prose. It suggests writing camera angles into your initial draft then converting these into prose so they become implied, i.e. (zoom in on bead of perspiration running down protagonists forehead. Wide angle to protagonist and antagonise staring eye to eye while balancing on log across raging river. P and A swing swords at each other, cut to close up of blades striking together.) I have found this really focuses my writing on relevant parts of the scene. It especially helps me think about how I can visually convey feelings and emotions.
I now include camera directions in my extended brief together with directions on pace, i.e. (slow action and increase detail to create tension, short sentences and paragraphs to increase pace, longer sentences and paragraphs to slow pace and ease tension.) I really ought to invent symbols for these direction so I don’t have to keep writing them, I just haven’t got round to it yet.
To some this may seem like a mechanical way to write, but I find it creatively liberating while helping me control the story construction, focus and pace – I told you I was weird.
How does anybody else tackle the first draft?

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